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International Cooperation

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Caritas Swaziland has continued to be a recipient of the generosity of the Taiwanese people through the Goodwill Ambassadors of Catholic Diocese of Taichung.

As recent as January 2017, Caritas received a large consignment of shoes and clothes to benefit approximately 17 000 of the most vulnerable people in the Kingdom particularly orphans, children and households with no visible source of income.

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Behind a lot of stories…”so much suffering”


A few days ago our Bishop Josè Luis Ponce de Leon, supported by Caritas staff, met those asking for financial support to pay their school fees.

A lot of people came. Last year we had 202 requests, but this year we had 621: the number has increased significantly in a year.

Behind all those requests there are different stories: orphans leaving with their grandparents, parents alive but left their families, child headed families, unemployed or under-employed, lost everything due to the lack of rains…”so much suffering” as the Bishop said.

Grateful to all those who dedicated time for this meeting and to all those in Swaziland and abroad “help us helping others”…

Below a detailed report about this meeting…from the Bishop’s blog!

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Together, promoting sustainable development. Siyabonga, thanks!


From the Directors Desk 2015 – Caritas Swaziland.

The Encyclical Populorum Progressio – On the Development of Peoples, issued in March 1967 by Pope Paul VI, clearly states that a well-rounded development of every man and of every woman must be realized within the development of humanity as a whole.

At Caritas Swaziland, our work among the poorest in Swaziland derives inspiration from the above statement. This is the driving principle in our efforts which has been recognized for its effectiveness, and which continues to be crucially relevant in our times.

Caritas Swaziland still remains deeply committed to promoting sustainable development centered on local communities, assisting refugees, the advancement of women and the support to the most vulnerable in society.

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Is WATER important?

FlorenceHave a glass of water, have a shower, cooking to do…anything else? Yes, we can do a lot of things with water. Have you ever thought about the water’s impact on your life?

Really, you also need water for your livestock and your crops, to clean your house and wash your clothes…

It is easy to turn on the tap if you are thirsty or if you need a shower, if you have running water at your disposal, but what happens if you don’t have it?

Let’s think about it…

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